2020 the Fall of Ayatollah's Constitution

2020 the Fall of Ayatollah's Constitution

About the Book:

This book up to Chapter 5 is the same as the book "20202 the Fall of the Islamic States & the Rise of the New Political Order", which was published at 2015.

This book was published after Manifistation of 14 People, asking for Change of Constitution in Iran and resignation of Ayatollah Khamenie at June 2019.

Following chapters after a brief description of the events, argues the Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution will change if the US Administration supports the movement for "Change of Constitution", which started at 2019 in Iran by the Manifictation of fourteen political activists, shown thier pictures here.

The Movement is supported by millions in Iran.

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Few reviews by famous American reviewers of the original book “2020 the Fall of Islamic States”.

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