Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs

About the Book:

In 2014, when ISIS (Salafi Muslims) arrived in Mosul from Turkey with a thousand new Toyotas and conquered this city, the memory of the first Arab attack on the Iranian Empire prompted me to write this book:

2020 The Fall of Islamic States & The Rise of a New Political Order

My wrong prediction was the election of Hillary Clinton! But Trump's election surprised everyone

In June 2019, the prediction of the "14 People Manifestation" was more or less correct, which was overshadowed and silenced by mission and conspiracy of Reza Pahlavi's supporters in the US.

After the disappointment of the supporters of Reza Pahlavi and Mujahideen (MKO) for the US military attack on Iran, by Mr. Pompeo in his speech at the Reagan Library, I changed the last chapter of the book in 2019 and published it with this title.

2020 The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution

And now, in September 2022, the last two chapters of the book have been changed without any prediction, but with reason and published with this title.

Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs

Here is my presentation of the book  


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Few reviews by famous American reviewers of the original book “2020 the Fall of Islamic States”.

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